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Taking a BIG step forward ... the official launch!

As many of you may be aware, I've been struggling a little with the upkeep of the admin of the business side of Healing Heart Yoga for a while now. Being a small business, I wear all the hats and to be able to fully support change and growth, I've had to look at feasible ways to do that.

I've now taken the big step ... and I say 'big' because of the time and energy involved initially ... to implement a new software program which I foresee will in the long term streamline a lot of the administration work and allow me more time to practice, teach, share and study!

So here it is ... the official launch of Healing Heart Yoga moving into the big world of online bookings with MINDBODY - a cloud-based business management software for the wellness services industry which allows clients/students to make their own bookings online. This is the link to the MINDBODY app to download on your phone so from hereon you'll be able to book your casual classes online and make purchases online from the Healing Heart Yoga Store all from your phone!

For term/enrollment classes, bookings will need to be done through the Healing Heart Yoga website or Facebook page.

If you've never used MINDBODY before you'll need to Create an Account - click here for a tutorial if you get stuck.

Overview for booking online ...

  • Create an account and login or Sign in

  • Select the class or enrollment/term class you want to do and follow the prompts

  • Payment is required when you book. Options are -

  • pay with your debit card to avoid small admin fees that come with credit cards.

  • If cash flow is a bit tight, you may want to make payments by direct debit in instalments. If so, please contact me before booking and I'll set up a payment system asap so you can get booked in to avoid missing your space.

  • Proceed to checkout to finalise

I'm sure there'll be a few little glitches to work through and iron out over the next few weeks so please bear with me and keep your fingers crossed it all rolls out smoothly :)

I would really appreciate your support in joining with me in using the MINDBODY app and/or bookings through my website or Facebook (there are additional menu items on the left side now) so that I can spend less time behind the computer and more time sharing the teachings of Yoga and offering opportunities for studies - more of where I believe I shine :)

I will send through another blog/email (this one is getting way too long!) soon with links for enrollments for Term 2 as well links and options for the casual classes.

With much gratitude,


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