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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Healing Heart Yoga classes temporarily cancelled

In line with the Prime Minister’s statement regarding COVID-19 on Sunday 22 March, I have been seeking clarification from Yoga Australia (YA) regarding the position of yoga studios in NSW.

The number one guiding principle that underpins yoga across all lineages and styles is ahimsa – non harming. As a yoga teacher I have always used this as a guiding principle. Now more than ever, in these unprecedented times, this becomes our number one principle. I have a responsibility to all my students. To do the right thing and not harm, so the vulnerable can be protected.  In making a decision, I’ve considered the facts we currently know about the Coronavirus: 

  • This is a deadly virus. 

  • Cases are rising rapidly across Australia. 

  • A large portion of people do not show symptoms, but they will still be contagious. 

  • Social isolation is the only proven method of slowing it down. 

  • There is no vaccine or cure yet.

From YA ….

“Given our principles and the above facts, the best guidance is that we should not continue to teach face to face classes. While it’s theoretically possible to teach an outdoor class without compromising social distancing, we are not confident it’s within the government guidelines. Even more critically – we can’t ensure the safety of participants. Just one attendee violating social distance could put our students and our communities at risk.”

I have now decided that it is in the best interest of all students that classes at Healing Heart Yoga be temporarily cancelled effective from Wednesday 25 March until further notice. It has been a difficult decision but again, one that I believe is in the best interest of everyone.

That said, yoga is more important now than ever before. For many, social distance means isolation, mental health issues, loss of self esteem and other challenges. As a Yoga teacher, I have a role to play as a leader in the community and in this moment. I am still waiting on clarification regarding one to one classes however I will be making available online one to one classes for those in need of support in this time of uncertainty.

I will also be working on delivering online / live-streaming yoga so that you will be able to continue your yoga practice from home. So many of you have relied on Healing Heart Yoga classes to support well-being in your lives in both good times and in difficult times and it has been my privilege to support you. I am now asking for your support in this unprecedented time of challenge.

I hope to have some solutions available soon. I’ll send further communications as to progress.

Thank you for your understanding and support.



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