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Change ... how we perceive it

In my post "Braveheart" I spoke about changes and decisions I'd be making throughout the year. Some decisions would be harder to make than others.

When faced with change, sometimes there can be resistance - fear creeps in - we feel safe in what we know and have grown to like the security of that feeling. And sometimes change asks a lot of us - effort and work.

And there are times when we make decisions and invest in making the change work but there comes a time when we need to step back and look at things objectively - from a different perspective. Patanjali tells us this in the Yoga Sutra-s - wise words but sometimes easier said than done!

Remember my post about taking the BIG step forward ... ... or so I thought ... and invested in an online management/booking program MINDBODY. Well, much effort and perseverance it turned out it wasn't such a big step forward ... I had to look at whether it was actually working for me and have now made the decision to step away and cancel my subscription. It's hard when you have invested so much - time, energy and financially. But it was a great learning experience in many ways which I've already been able to move forward with some of that knowledge.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to look into it, download the app and learn how to use it. Unfortunately it wasn't functional for Healing Heart Yoga - funny enough, I felt it wasn't able to be personalised and adapted to suit my business - the fundamentals of our teachings :)

I know a lot of you will be happy to see that I've now reverted to my previous system - hopefully that will be less painful for us all and a little more user friendly. I will be sending a newsletter shortly with details of the upcoming classes for the holiday break as well as bookings for Term 3 which will start from Monday 23 July. Please remember that your booking will only be confirmed and your space secured upon payment. Go to Classes/Book Online to make your booking now and for full details of all classes as well as the special workshop this Saturday. If you have any questions about the bookings online system, look back at my earlier post on how to book online



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