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Braveheart! The new face of Healing Heart Yoga

Happy new year lovely people. Here is a glimpse of my year. Being brave, having courage to take bold steps to move forward, listening to my deeper self - what my heart tells me. Trusting in me. Sraddha - a deep belief and conviction. This is the year ahead for me.

It takes commitment - not just for a few days, weeks, months but ongoing daily commitment. There comes a time when you have to make sacrifices along the way to make change. When you are committed to change that's what you do. Remember - there is no change without change.

This year will undoubtedly bring changes. Personally I'll be letting go of what isn't supporting or serving the values of yoga as I have been taught. There will be times when I'll need to be strong and make hard decisions but I'll be trusting in myself and following my inner voice. There are changes pending to all classes to keep my core values and principles aligned.

There's often an underlying fear of letting go of not being able to do some things or even have things ... afraid to relinquish the 'trappings' of life that actually retard our growth and hold us back. I have observed many of my students over the past few years and know there's a desire for change weighing on some. A commitment to Yoga can give you the strength and courage to dive deep past the fear and unearth that which is within, that which is truly how you want to be, not that which you think you should. When you connect with that you will know the truth and you will want to make that change.

So happy new year lovely people. I hope that some of you embrace some of what I've shared and allow yourself step up and shed what is holding you down. Then bring along your passion and commitment to join me on this amazing journey of life through Yoga.

Yours in Yoga,

Beverly 'Braveheart' McCulloch

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