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In the Ayurvedic tradition, babies are massaged daily before bathing. This practice creates a connection with mother and baby, while promoting rest and relaxation and nurturing babies' delicate skin.  


It also promotes healthy bone and joint development and aids in digestion, enhances the quality of sleep, and, through harmonizing the three doshas, contributes to the baby's overall immunity and well-being. It can also be used on younger children to help calm, relax and assist with sleep.


The Bioveda Baby Oil follows the traditional 'Tila Paka Veedhi process' which is a classical Ayurvedic oil manufacturing method that slowly cooks and extracts herbal medicinal compounds in the oil. This helps to create a complete and holistic extraction of the herbs, making the oil nutrient-rich and easy to penetrate the baby’s skin.


This ayurvedic baby massage oil is made from a combination of 5 ingredients including Ashwagandha, Saffron & Red Sandalwood in a base of cold-pressed Coconut Oil. 

It has a mild herbal aroma and is deeply nourishing and softening to the skin. Safe and gentle to use on sensitive skin.


All ingredients are carefully selected and regularly tested for pesticides and heavy metals.

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Bala (country mallow), Ashwagandha, Lac and Saffron.

Baby Oil -Ayurvedic Massage Oil

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