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Harvest Your Health

Ancient wisdom for everyday health & wellness.

Change your habits, change your life with Yoga & Ayurveda.

Happy Family

4 seasons of transformation to bring out the best you.


How many of these have you experienced?

  • I'm tired

  • I'm too busy

  • I don't eat as well as I should

  • I'm suffering with anxiety / depression

  • I'm disconnected from my body

  • I have no work / life balance

  • I engage in a lot of negative self-talk

  • I'm impatient / short tempered

  • I'm heavy

  • I don't sleep well

  • I have low self-esteem

  • I have an auto-immune condition

  • I’m not reaching the goals that I want to

  • I feel stuck


If there's more than one of these then it’s time to action a change.

The nature of our physiology is designed to thrive but most of us don’t always feel like that – even some of the time isn’t good enough.

What would you say if I told you that you CAN have a surplus of energy, sleep better, good digestion and healthy immune system?

Join me for this journey through the 4 seasons for a personal evolution to reclaim your energy, health and ease in life.


We will work through the daily lifestyle practices of Ayurveda each season until they become automated and replace your older not-so-helpful habits.


During the 4 seasons you will be guided and supported by myself, as well as working in a dynamic group where you can shift your outdated habits and learn from people who are already living the daily habits for a life of thriving. 


Here’s a snapshot of what’s ahead …

You’ll learn practical skills, strategies and tips for –

  • The self-care habits of Yoga and Ayurveda for self-healing and self-thriving

  • Reversing overwhelm and stress to ease and flow

  • Tuning into your natural body clock and daily rhythms to align with nature – getting back to nature and simplicity of life

  • Daily living habits for longevity and vitality – reclaim your energy!

  • Exploring behavioural science – what triggers your habits and how to change them

  • Identifying and overcoming self-sabotage

  • Improving relationships with yourself, people you love and the wider world and planet around you

  • Implementing better eating habits to suit your unique body constitution

  • Turning your kitchen into a place of creation for nourishment


Your 4 season pass also includes –

  • Weekly group sessions (1 hour) with me and a dynamic group – either face to face or live video (Zoom)

  • Weekly emails with lessons, cheat sheets, practices and more

  • “Body Thrive” reference book for the 10 habits

  • Live group support and accountability

  • Weekly reading assignments to support changing micro habits

  • Health and lifestyle workshops

  • Pre-recorded and live calls for additional resource to help your evolution (free to download)

  • Online Facebook Forum

  • My commitment to support you in your transformation


You have most likely already invested in many things but haven’t experienced change and you return to your old ways.

Ready to make a life-changing investment in your future Self?  


Contact me now on 0414 499 438 or for full details of Harvest Your Health.

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